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BAS-RELIEF: [ ShapE Fixation…]

«... Tears of frustration welled in Michelangelo’s eyes. He cursed himself for his inability to carve out in words the bas-relief’s forms that he felt in his innards… Michelangelo turned away. If only he new more! Then he could convince them of the magnificence of fashioning figures in space, bas-relief, sculpture… ...»

Irving Stone, “The Agony and the Ecstasy”, Biography of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1961, William Collins Sons & Company, UK)

Certainly, bas-relief is an ancient thing and we couldn’t take notice of it, we implemented the screw-thread technique with a modern decorative plaster. The effect shaped very exciting. We could not «stop» and refrain from the temptation to experiment.

[ReflectioN]: from sketch to installation...

What attracts in bas-reliefs?

At first, it’s a wonder which they perform.

Secondly, it’s unity. A bas-relief is not bounded as a picture or other work of art by a frame or as painting on the wall by separability of the color. Visual harmony is realized with the help of bas-relief and wall covering unity and monochromaticism.

Thirdly, it’s exclusive. Every project is author’s work which is executed in the unique copy and as an individual order. Everything is done on a wall by chisels and other instruments nothing «poured off» in forms, nothing is glued. Only «Hand made».

Some producers of plasters offer ready bas-reliefs and frescos, but conventionality and a possibility to see the identical work at a neighbor’s place is the only thing which does not satisfy us. It is already a question of individuality. That’s the way one can do an accent on certain things…


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