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What is decorative plaster?

Pictorial ornamental covering of walls is in great demand today, thats why it is very flexible and interesting decision in achievement of exclusive interior or exterior design. And the matter is not in the trend for these materials, but in the possibilities it gives. In fact the variety and technique of decorative plasters allow to express yourself in interior design more freely, giving preference to ethnic stylization, refined minimalism, high-tech, classics There is no place for banality here.

Your mood will depend on the color and texture of the walls. All covering of the walls has a natural look. It gives the feeling of intensity and clarity.

And there is no need to dispute about the fact that all covering is made from ecologically clean materials.

Each covering is made on the water basic, odourless, easily washed, doesnt fade and is intended for drawing on the internal interior surfaces of the apartments of any kind.

Venetian plaster, Marseille wax, louvre the entire world of decorative covering techniques and producers stands for these names. We work with all known materials and textures.

As to bas-relief and fresco, these author works are intended for people, prone to art and artistic decor displaying. Combination of decorative plaster and bas-relief allows going back to the noble beauty of the past, helps to repeat the secrets of known masters. A process is really very laborious and delicate, but its results deserve that. Certainly we are absolutely pleased with the fact that there are quite many people eager to estimate this creation.

There are many masters of high level, possessing essential experience for high-quality implementation of ideas of the clients in our group, which was formed in 2002.

During our lifetime there were created not a few interesting projects and that gives a faith that we are able to satisfy you by our creation in future.


We would like to express the heartfelt gratitude to our friends for their boundless kindness, workability and creation force.

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