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PAINTING OF THE WALLS from Domchuk Studio

PAINTING OF THE WALLS & CEILINGS: [chronicles of the brushes...]

Banality and vagueness Who is interested in it? The own style is important not only in clothes but also in the place we live, work or have a rest. The painting of the walls and ceilings is an excellent alternative to traditional facilities of apartments design. At first, picturesque technique can not be standard. Each work is unique, it has the unique charm. And even wall-painting, executed on traditional subjects, joining in the exact interior, become the part of it, acquiring the individuality, new tints and outlook.

Both traditional oil and tempera paints can be used in wall painting, the same as modern acrylic and other compositions with addition of mother-of-pearl. The technique of tumbledown surfaces is widely used in classical frescos.

Painting of the walls and ceilings is applicable not only to classical design. Modern high-tech, strict minimalism, ethnic stylization, art-deco, vivid eclecticism are organically included in the artistic painting. We can offer You the different variants of colour, with different plots and original decisions for Your project.

Our favourite work is to invent and create innovations!

The artistic skillfully executed wall painting will give harmony and unforgettable mood to any interior.


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