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Venetian plaster, Tuscany textures, old world finishes … Once invented for simple memorizing these words became denominative. The entire world of decorative covering techniques and producers stands for these names. We work with all known materials and textures.

The natural materials, for example, stone and marble, were highly rated in wall decorating all the time. They were used in the most expensive interiors. A Venetian plaster, which consists of a marble and granite dust, slaked lime and dyers, allows creating the surprising realistic imitations of texture.

This interior decor technique got its name for wide application in Renaissance Venice, where palaces, castles and cathedrals were decorated with it. Venice evidently proved Venetian plaster durability, being practical and moisture resistant.

In our time chemical industry achievements added safety, ecological compatibility and possibility to draw on almost any surface. An imitation of natural texture is not the only visual Venetian plaster advantage. Wax covered, it creates the effect of picture depth and wall surface «clarity».


Stucco is an excellent material for implementation of moulded decor. It became the instrument of beauty creation for many masters – from the refined human senses in a sculpture to aspiration for perfectness in the decoration of apartments’ space.

Applying the progressive technologies and high-quality materials we create models and samples of classic and individual gypseous interior and exterior decorating. Any forms, they can be difficult floristic compositions, heraldic elements or just intricate abstract picture, can be created with the hands of our sculptors. The created compositions do not make an impression of lifeless decorative living space, observing these works you feel the grace of living forms.

Decor backing by leaf gold and artistic paints allows attaining the effect of practically any natural material, what enables manipulation with different styles and design directions.


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